integrated circuit manufacturers

For IC manufacturers

Datasheets / specifications.
KFA Consulting can provide detailed datasheets for your IC products. Information might typically include:

  • Feature lists / descriptions.
  • Block diagrams and pin outs.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Applications.

It may be imparactical or undesireable to provide your customers with paper-based information. You may rather choose to provide a small amount of paper documentation, containing a subset of the information you wish to provide, along with a CD-ROM containing all of the information. KFA Consultiong can help you provide searchable CD-ROM documentation.

Web based documentation.
An alternative to CD-ROM based documentation is web-based documentation. Giving you the same portability of CD-ROM based documentation, web-based documentation allows to ammend and upgrade your documentation after you ship product, and eliminates the need to produce and distribute CD-ROMs or paper. KFA Consultiong can help you provide live, searchable web-based documentation.

White papers.
KFA Consulting can provide white papers that communicate your marketing messages quickly and efficiently to your clients.