For LAN equipment developers

Paper manuals.
KFA Consulting can provide all of the paper documentation you need to ship with your product, including:

  • Installation and commissioning guides.
  • Configuration and administration guides.
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting guides.
  • General information guides.

It may be imparactical or undesireable to provide your customers with hundreds or thousands of pages of information. You may rather choose to provide a small amount of paper documentation, along with a CD-ROM containing all of the information in all those thousands of paper pages. KFA Consultiong can help you provide searchable CD-ROM documentation.

Web based documentation.
An alternative to CD-ROM based documentation is web-based documentation. Giving you the same portability of CD-ROM based documentation, web-based documentation allows to ammend and upgrade your documentation after you ship product, and eliminates the need to produce and distribute CD-ROMs or large volumes of paper. KFA Consultiong can help you provide searchable live, searchable web-based documentation.

White papers.
KFA Consulting can provide white papers that communicate your marketing messages quickly and efficiently to your clients.

Help for your Network Management software.
If you also develop a Network Management package, KFA Consulting can create online user help for you:

  • HTML Help and WinHelp for Windows XP / 7 / 8 / applications.
  • Browser-independent help for multi-platform applications.
  • HTML help for Unix applications.
  • AppleHelp, QuickHelp and PDF help for Mac applications.