small business

For small businesses

It’s one thing to get someone to do up a website for you, but do you want a geek or a green marketing graduate to write the copy that your potential customers are going to read? KFA Consulting can provide you a reasonably-cost, professional looking and compelling website for your business. We can look after any or all of it for you:

  • Design of content and layout.
  • Get the website up and running.
  • Provide your own address-
  • Get people to notice your website through search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Start up your social media activity to help drive traffic to your website.
  • And much more.

KFA can design professional looking cost-effective brochures for your business. Quality can rannge from simple single-page black and white flyers to full color glossy multi-page portfolios.

Business cards.
Sure you can get business cards done for next to nothing. But in some cases, they look like what you paid for them… We can design professional looking business cards at a very reasonable cost. We can design a logo, and take care of the production as well, if you like.

Run a restaurant or pub, KFA Consulting can design attractive menu for you. We can look after the publication side as well. We can also put your menu online, with a printable and downloadable version for your customer’s convenience.